At Outlaw we breed with many months of planning in advance, which makes our puppies very special to us and we try to find only the best situations for them to live.  We don't feel the need to breed dogs, just to breed dogs.  Our lives are filled with, training and competing in various venues with our dogs and enjoying life with our fur-kids.  So when we do breed a litter everything stops so we can focus on what we want to accomplish.  When a person/family contacts us, many questions are asked over the phone/in person.  This is only to ensure that:

1) an Aussie is the right breed for you, 
2) which personality/temperament would be best suited for you and your family and 
3) that you have planned and are ready to take on the large responsibility of a pet. 

An Aussie is not a dog for everyone and it is an approximate 12-14 year commitment that cannot be taken lightly.  We also like to keep in contact through the years and want to make sure that you are the type of person who is willing to do the same.

All of our intact breeding age Aussies are registered with one or all of the following registries: United Kennel Club, American Kennel Club or Australian Shepherd Club of America.  They are OFA'd (hips) Fair, Good, or Excellent which are all normal ratings, their eyes are currently CERF'd normal, and are healthy, quality specimens of the breed.

We place our puppies with all general guarantees, which include:

Prodigy of dogs Free from Hereditary Hip Dysplasia (all homes)
Free from Monarchism or Chriptorchid (1 or no testicles, show homes only)
Free From any disqualifying fault (show homes only)

Both Companion/Pet and Show/Breeding puppies are physically and mentally sound.  The differences being based on the dog's comparison to the breed standard. Only puppies determined to contribute to the betterment of the breed are sold as Show/Breeding quality. All other puppies MUST be spay or neutered by 9 months of age.

All of our puppies will have had their eyes cleared by a veterinary ophthalmologist before leaving for their new homes, or may be done at OUTLAWS annual eye clinic and are given the necessary health preventatives for their age.  Puppies will leave here with the understanding, if at anytime the owner cannot keep or take care of the dog for any reason regardless of age that the dog is to come back to OUTLAW, however, at no time will a monetary refund be given.

When a reservation for a dog is placed, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required, which will be deducted from the purchase price of the puppy.  No puppies will be held without a deposit.  Should a breeding not produce puppies, the deposit will automatically be applied towards the next litter.
While it is tempting to purchase a puppy at a lesser price from a "backyard" breeder, there are some things to consider. Health is the primary one. While your initial expense is greater at the front end when buying a puppy from us, you will not be spending hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars to a vet trying to fix the genetic or environmental problems that may occur at a later date. When purchasing from a backyard breeder, you do not have a resource to go to when you have a question or need guidance. These are important considerations when buying a puppy. While cost is always a factor, it should not be the determining one when seeking a lifetime companion.
Every effort is made to match the puppies with their new families. Puppies are not made to order and buyers are encouraged to keep an open mind regarding color and sex. OF&K makes NO promises to a particular color or sex. We reserve first choice from every litter. Picks are determined by the order in which deposits are received. If there is not a puppy that meets your criteria when your time to pick comes, your deposit will be applied towards the next litter. AT NO TIME WILL THERE BE A MONETARY Refund. Buyers are encouraged to visit the litter as often as possible beginning at 2 weeks of age in order to watch the litter grow and develop in body and mind. The puppies are continually evaluated for both temperament and conformation soundness. Final decisions are made at approximately 7 weeks when the entire litter is evaluated and temperament tested by the Breeder and at least 2 other Aussie Breeders in the area.  All final decisions will be made by the breeder. Despite our best efforts, sometimes the puppy is just not a good fit for the family. In that case OF&K will happily take the puppy back however there will no NO MONETARY REFUND.
By the time the puppies leave for their new homes they will have had at least one shot,and have been dewormed at least twice. The puppies  are continually socialized from birth. 

A $500 non refundable deposit is required to reserve a puppy. and it's recommended that Buyers keep an open mind as to color and sex until they have had a chance to meet the litter and final evaluations have been completed. Aussies are not for everyone.  They are extremely intelligent, active dogs.  New owners must have a fenced yard and be committed to attending, at a minimum, a puppy class with their new puppy.  Beautifully trained, well mannered adults are not born that way.  The love, attention and training that new owners give their puppies are critical for the dog to mature into a healthy, well socialized adult.

Companion dogs are sold with a contract and limited registration. This requires that the puppy be spayed or neutered and not used for breeding. Registration papers are not issued until proof of spay or neuter as been provided to the breeder. We require that the puppy be spayed or neutered by 9 months of age.

Prices are as follows:
Non show quality: $2250 sold on a contract to spay/neuter

Show and performance prospects start at $3500.00 and are priced individually. 

At any time, if a home is deemed unsuitable by the Breeder, the initial deposit will be returned. All other deposits and payments are non-refundable or at the sole discretion of the Breeder. Please feel free to contact Outlaw Aussies for additional information. 

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