I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how hawk is doing. He is a great little puppy. In fact I have
to thank you again because he is the exact dog i wanted. I had I mental ideal of the dog i wanted and then there he was just how i imagined him.  Our first visit to the vet went great. He's in tip top shape,
and everyone in the office instantly fell in love with him. He's also on his way to be house trained. He took
to it very quickly and has had only a couple of accidents.  The crate training is going well. Jill and
i are'nt getting the best nights sleep we've ever had but that is to be expected. He sleeps quietly for
about two-three hours before we let him out to go potty. Then he goes right back asleep.  I honestly
can't thank you enough. we'll be sending you pics shortly.
                                       Ryan Suma

Kathie Berg
Sunday, 2/15/04, 4:07 AM Sheree......Many Thanks for our newest addition. Words can not say how much we are enjoying Harley! Best of luck to you with your move. Keep in touch. Thanks again...Harley is a joy! Kathie & Jim From: New York

Kellie Tuesday, 2/3/04, 1:23 PM Sheree, I brought our beautiful Poohka home over a year ago and I can't imagine life without him. He is a wonderful dog--my shadow, my best friend, he is part of our family. I love everything about him and couldn't ask for more in a dog. We may not compete in shows and run agility courses, but he is a definite winner with us and everyone who knows him. (I have no doubt he would excel in both anyhow!)I couldn't have been luckier to have found him. Just wanted to make it official and thank you! Good luck on your move and please keep in touch! Kellie From: Parkville, Maryland
i just wanted to tell you that lexie is doing great! we all love her. she has really taken a liking to my husband. she has done more then terrific with house training. we are so happy with her.

Hi Sheree
Bonaparte is tunring out to be more than I ever hoped for in a dogue.  Can't believe that he is even surpassing my beloved Simone as the dogue of our hearts.  Even my trainer that we work with, who knew Simone, has said that he is greater than she was.  Has completely taken over the whole household.  What a family guy!!!  My husband and I fight over who gets to take him to work.  Have finally taken pics of him and will e mail them to you when I get to the office.  They are on disk there.  My English mastiff, Olivia, has really bonded well with Bonaparte also.

Did you ever find a wonderful home for Jasmine?  Hope so.  If she is anything at all like my Bonaparte she would be a beyond wonderful addition to a loving family.

Take care.



I love the new website!  The colors work really well, making the photos stand out more.
Shadow and Bandit are both doing wonderful.  They play great together.  Bandit still tries to escape through the fence, but Shadow does a pretty good job herding him away from it.
Talk to you later,

Took him out today to a new Petco opening up in Columbia and he was a hit. Barked a little bit too much but otherwise a complete gentleman.  Made friends with everyone he could.

I have to tell you he is almost housebroken already.  He is in the kitchen w/papers at night and we keep papers down during the day for him but he tries to get our attention first before using them.  Still an occasional accident but that happens to the best of us. :)

We definitely know what velcro means and love every minute of it.  David and him are bonding but since I get up first in the morning we have our special time as well.

We purchased your show blue merle puppy born on 12/12/03.  He is doing great and we hope to be able to send you some pictures soon.  Growing so fast!!

Beth Richmond


We are having so much fun!!! Will be glad when he accepts his crate as a real bed ! Larry works nights also and invited him to sleep with him this morning ---however he wished to play " wash your face" so he came back to me and my coffee, poor baby !!  Patti said there was a match in May ??? Wil be glad to come if you are willing to show us what is to be done to an AUSSIE baby as far as grooming at this age. I gave most of my equipment to Patti when I gave up shelties. Would appreciate your guidance! This is a little Dynamite and we feel he will do well. He makes us happy just to watch him. Hope you do not mind .. I called him BEAR BOY and Larry picked up on that and stated he wanted to call him BEAR. I hope you don't mind as a call name??? He knows it already.

Hope to hear from you soon and THANK YOU


You are amazing with all of your animals and birds!

Just an update on Bravo...we absolutely love him!  He is a sweet boy and is very good.  He is totally housetrained and does well while we are gone during the day.  He and Tatum are good friends.

We are beginning to work with him and it turns out that Shannon (my older daughter) is going to handle him since Camryn is interested now in showing horses.  Shannon is an excellent handler, and in fact we are going to get the two into handling classes with Karen Haggins on Monday nights in Westminster.  She probably will do some of the spring breed and Jr. Handling classes.

We met P---- Y---- at agility training for our 4-h club and she thinks Bravo has fabulous potential in agility.  He has the right drive and temperment, and is quite fast and agile.  Shannon also is working with him in the beginner class there.  He's a great dog and we love him lots!!
Good Morning Sheree,

Phoenix met our Dr. Freeman Monday evening, and impressed her with his looks, demeanor, and overall health.  He is a very nice puppy, and we and her whole office thinks the world of him.  I also sent pictures to Eileen and she says he is gorgeous; we are still looking forward to the big event in a year or two; the “Ruby-Red” X “Phoenix” litter.  He has become quite at home with us now, and he and Murphy have become “a package” – they do everything together, and where one goes, the other follows.  We do not let Phoenix out on the deck and into the pen yet; too many levels and stairs and places to get stuck.  He goes out to the front with us to make duties. 

Murphy is so gentle he has only needed to be reminded Phoenix is a baby a couple of times, and he is so happy to have another boy to play with, we can see it the way they sleep together and share the water bowl, and not a hint of jealousy.  Phoenix loves him so much too; he follows him everywhere except down stairs.  Where Murphy surprised us by immediately taking on our 14 stairs in both directions, Phoenix like Piper, does not do stairs in the down direction yet.  They start class on January 9th; and I am really looking forward to starting this new adventure.  We are looking at numerous properties and hoping to move during 2007 to a place with enough space to build our agility track. 

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and merry Christmas, and enjoy those babies!   



Bravo is doing great.  He was state 4-H champion in Pre-Novice Obedience this year, and also high point overall champion in our county (won both fitting and showing and obedience).  He is a fun dog and loves to go to the barn and run around on the trails with our horses.  He's doing great in agility too, and you can see by the second photo that I attached, we also have fun in our backyard!

Angela   10/02/07

Hi Sheree

Maggie is still doing well for almost 14, although she is fairly deaf.  Hips are a bit arthiritic but she is still full of spunk!

Steve   10/02/07


My puppy is wonderful.  He’s a bit more shy around  new  people than I would have wanted ideally, but we work hard together to overcome it, and he balances it out by being the most affectionate dog I’ve ever had. He beautiful to look at although he’s very fine boned ( as you said he would be).  He fits wonderfully into my lifestyle; he loves to go hiking, and is an avid swimmer and retriever!  He guards the house which is nice and loves to play with other dogs including my other Aussie, Tupper.  I would have 10 Aussies if I could manage it………….I’ll try and find a picture to send from my home email.

Warm regards and thanks,

Tina Wahlstrom    10/02/07

Scout is doing fabulous! We love him so much, it is incredible. Everywhere we go people remark on how beautiful he is. He also gets lots of compliments for being so well behaved; especially when they find out he is only 2. People ask all the time where we got him and we give them your information.

He loves going hiking, swimming and playing in the snow. I know he can't wait for our first snow!

In the 1st picture he just got out of Chihuahua Lake at about 12,500ft.

In the 2nd picture we are at the top of Mt. Evans.

Hi Sheree,
Here's Ajax (son of Matrix) at 2 years.  He is amazingly gentle when playing with my granddaughters (ages 1, 3 and 5 ) and a star in agility class.  He keeps the deer away from the gardens and protects the chickens from the fox.....and he is always ready to play frisbee. 

The families who get your dogs have chosen well.

All the best,
Hi Sheree!
I just wanted to give you a quick update on the pup.  I had decided to call her Nilly (my silly Nilly!) and it fits perfectly! She is a very silly little girl. Everything is still going wonderfully, she was just spayed and had her front dew claws removed last week and is rocovering well.  We had some issues the first couple days after surgery, but the people over at Broadview animal clinic are wonderful and got her turned around real quick for no extra charge to me so, now she is back to her playful self again! She has actually doubled in size from when I got her (just over 20lbs now! How big did her mom get again?) and is a ball of fuzzy energy!  I truely couldn't be happier with her and my family all loves her too.  I swear, every person we see has to stop and tell me how precious she is.
Training is going well but I'm still considering puppy school for a couple of these hard to break habbits (primarily on my part most likely) like jumping up on people and biting.  There is absolutely no malicious intent in it what so ever, but she is a rough player, and honestly I have a lot of fun playing with her, so it's hard for me to scold her when I probably should be and as a result I'm covered with bruises and scratch marks.  She has also just recently started barking at everything (not sure what provoked this change) so puppy school may be in order.  I was referred to a man in Aurora by the vet but he charges $40/ hr! Do you think it is worth it or is this something she will grow out of? Other than that, she is a wonderful puppy and surprisingly well behaved.  She minds well (except when there is something to bark at haha) and doesn't know an enemy.  She is a joy to bring around with me places and a great little study buddy. :)  We go on nightly runs and then cuddle up together in bed after dinner.  You breed excellent little pups and I have definitely been referring you to friends (and strangers who ask about her!).
I think I probably have about a thousand pictures but attached some particularly cute ones for you, hope you like them!

Kristine W